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Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

Helping Employers


Do you need quality employees fast? Whether your needs are temporary, to cover a busy season or sudden rush, or more permanent, we're here with flexible solutions to help. One worker or large volume, we have the ability to help. We can offer competitive rates with an added discount for exclusivity and volume. Contact us to see how our services can benefit you.

Helping Job Seekers


Everyone deserves a chance to find a good job. Whether you're a new worker looking to gain valuable experience, looking to fill the gap between jobs, looking for a new job or career path, or are re-entering the work force after some time away, we can help. We are an equal opportunity employer that works hard to find valid solutions to each of our workers' individual needs.

Real World Experience


Our team boasts more than 35 years of combined experience in the staffing industry. What's better, our management team have been on every side of the business - from working the front line as temporary labour employees, to using an agency to recruit workers for the businesses we have run, to now servicing those businesses and providing staff, we have done it all.

We Care


Our objective is to provide our employees with a work environment that is constructive to both personal and professional growth. We believe that every client is unique and has servicing needs that differ, even within the same industry. We listen, and we care, to ensure that our clients and our staff are happy with the service we are providing.

No strangers to the staffing industry

Our team is here to help you overcome your needs and obstacles when it comes to staffing (advertising, screening, recruiting, hiring, etc). Our goal of exceptional customer service can only be realized through strong leadership, teamwork, and respect. This applies to everyone at every level, from the company’s owners to management, recruiters, clients and field workers alike. We are a dynamic team, a dedicated and diverse group, each with our own set of strengths, and we are prepared to evolve and grow with the industry as our clients’ needs change and our workforce expands.

Trustworthy People, Experience That Shines

Our team is proud to be made up of experienced individuals who’ve been in the industry for decades. From humble beginnings as temporary workers themselves, our management and front line staff know the labourious nature of the work they are often sending people to. They've done it! Along with that experience, our team has been on the business side of things, needing workers and relying on staffing agencies to help them. They know and understand the struggles that our clients are facing as well.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to our clients, with around-the-clock support for those industries that require it. We have an extensive Health & Safety Program, which we teach our employees to carry with them even after moving on from our company. When choosing CAN Employment, you are choosing a partner to assist you in personal/corporate growth, and choosing a family-like atmosphere to make you feel like you belong, every step of the way.



“Though it's only been a couple of short months, working with CAN owners and management has been a great experience. They aren't afraid to give their team responsibility and trust that they can do the task assigned. No micromanagement here! They give you room to show what you're capable of doing.”


– CAN Employee


“CAN Employment has been a delight to work with and they are very easy to talk to. I can call at any time and they have always been able to meet our staffing needs. The quality of worker has been great. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with them."


– CAN Client


“My experience with CAN has always been pleasant. Management is focused, easygoing and cares about their employees. They work with your schedule, and pay attention to your needs and wants in a job. Not to mention carpool to and from work makes it much easier. Best agency I've worked with to date.”


– CAN Employee


“I am currently enjoying my job here with CAN Employment. They have been very supportive of my needs. They are professional and always put the front line worker's needs as top priority. It's great to find an employer who listens and communicates so well with their workers. One of the best jobs I have ever had.”


– CAN Employee

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