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Bouquet Assembler

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

$14.25 / hr | Part-time | On-call | Niagara Region

Our bouquet-making clients are in need of a team of builders to help produce fresh-cut rose bouquets and arrangements for Valentine's Day.

This job is assembly-line production and requires a tolerance for standing, repetitive movements and lifting. This job will take place during the first and second week of February. Successful completion of this period will result in employee recall for subsequent seasons. Monday - Saturday availability required. 8-10 hour shifts beginning 8am. $14.25/hour

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Working in cool environment (3-4 degrees Celsius).

  • Preparing supplies, tools and containers.

  • Ensuring the warehouse is clean and organized.

  • Processing/packing cut flowers

  • Performing other tasks requested by the warehouse manager.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Capacity to stand for long periods on concrete floors.

  • Ability to lift 10-50lbs.

  • Ability to work above shoulder height and below waist level.

  • Ability to perform repetitive movements with hands and upper body (i.e. repeated pruning of branches, twisting hands to make bows, etc).

  • Ability to work with fresh cut plants (no allergies).

  • Have good attention to detail and a desire for quality work.

  • Good hand-to-eye coordination & manual dexterity.

  • Ability to follow verbal instructions.

  • Ability to work independently or in a team.

  • Be reliable, energetic & hardworking.

  • Have a positive attitude.

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